Thursday, January 21, 2010

So why did NIST unceremoniously dump HomeGrid's from the Smart Grid Standards list

In our post on NIST publishing (pdf) their 'final' list of Smart Grid Standards, we noted that Homegrid/ was demoted and is not longer on the list and wondered why as had huge support last September.

Thanks to an interview with Jerry FitzPatrick of NIST by a well resprected trade journeral, Smart Grid Today, we have some hints. The article appeared January 21, 2010, "What really changed from draft NIST roadmap to official version? plus 7 others held up as 2 for cyber-security added".

When Jerry FitzPatrick of NIST was asked why was demoted he replied:, a PLC standard for use over power, coaxial and telephone wires, was moved because "it was clear it didn't have the consensus around it that we originally thought it had,” Fitzpatrick said.
Who wants to bet that Jerry is none too happy about being led down the garden path about Somebody must of told Jerry was the United Nations standard of power line communications, so every likes it. Looks like Jerry has just figured out why the United Nations sucks.

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