Saturday, January 30, 2010

DirecTV explores Wi-Fi, networks and choosed MoCA

Rick Merritt over at the EE Times is reporting that "DirecTV is testing versions of Wi-Fi and aims to test wired links based on the ITU standard".

DirectTV's VP of set top engineering Henry Derovanessian is quoted saying:
"Wireless and are very much in their infancy and in R&D stages, and don't know when we'd be ready to talk about productization," he added. 
"I hear it will be any day we'll get our hands on [ samples], but I haven't seen them yet and we want to see them"
If Henry is expecting them samples from CopperGate soon, he should ask CopperGate where is the HomePlug AV chip they bought practically finished form Connexant two years ago. Or DS2's 400Mbps UPA chip fro around the same time period.

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