Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NIST Publicly Dresses Down HomeGrid

Everybody knows that HomeGrid has a very effective marketing effort promoting, but they have been overreaching with NIST and NIST looks to be fed-up with HomeGrid's public misstatements.

Previously, NIST was lied tomislead big time when HomeGrid lobbied to put the broken and incomplete PHY on NIST's draft list of Smart Grid Standards last September. NIST managers figured it out, and removed from the final list. But surely NIST managers were not happy--but they took it quietly.

Now, during a recent NIST Smart Grid conference call, HomeGrid kept pressing in their presentation that was an "approved" NIST standard.  This seems to have really annoyed NIST; so much so that NIST insisted that HomeGrid's presentation remove all references to NIST and then had an email sent to the entire membership setting the facts straight. The email started....
"NIST would like to comment on some inaccuracies in the slides for the presentation ... titled " Home Area Network protocol standard"
NIST then when on to disassociate themselves from, ITU,, HomeGrid ....

It is an interesting question how long Intel management will continue to be happy to be associated with the bad behavior of a group like HomeGrid (Intel is a founding member of HomeGrid).

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  1. Interesting propaganda.

    Isn't the PHY approved? This post seems to imply otherwise.
    Could it be that this blogger might be trying to manipulate the market and spread untruth? It's one thing to have an opinion that disagrees with or what HomeGrid does. It is quite another when using untruth.