Saturday, January 16, 2010

Broken & Incomplete ITU PHY specification updated

According to this post at the shill website Everywire, is reporting the ITU has consented two recommendations a changing the already approved PHY specification G.9960.  The G.9960 Amendment 1 is to fill in the missing bits in original PHY spec--is there more missing to make working chip? The G.9960 Corrigendum 1 fixes errors in the original PHY spec--how many more errors are left?

Clearly these last minute changes will impact and delay companies make chips. Hopefully none have spun chips as the G.9960 Corrigendum 1 is not compatible with the previous G.9960 specification. Seems that DS2 jumped the gun with this demo which if they need to re-spin it will speed up their death.

Also consented is the MAC.

We can expect the ITU to blindly approve all three consented documents in June 2010.  More changes to fix the PHY in June too?  Can we expect MAC amendments and  corrigendum in a years time as was done for the PHY?

All in all, it seems that the ITU is rushing a incomplete and unproven specification to the market. Too bad as the multi-media PHY/MAC sounded cool.

Update: Notice that Matt Theall, president of HomeGrid, does not mention that is broken or that the DS2 demo was not using a compatible PHY.

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  1. This is John Egan of DS2 (I identify myself, versus the blogger who is a shill for HomePlug).

    A very wise man once said, "Never argue with an idiot, a third person may not notice the difference."

    And so I will not comment other than to say this blog is full of misinformation and falsehoods and anyone reading it should laugh at its patent disregard for the facts.