Tuesday, June 14, 2011

G.hn’s cloudy outlook in the home-networking space

HAN Fan could not contain herself (she's been busy for 9 months) with microm's reporting of G.hn crapness in the market..

microm's headline is factually correct and a few facts in the article are correct: G.hn is "late to market" and "not backwards-compatible" with anything.

But HAN Fan worries about the future of media she sure poor reporting. The highly rated and sometimes respected microm gets key fact wrong. Sigma and Lantiq are not shipping G.hn products. They are figuring out how they don't inter-operate which why there will be "a series of additional G.hn plugfests is being scheduled for this year". Ladies, this is not product, but a gentleman's wet-dream (and ladies don't get any on you).

The worst of microm's reporting is the parroting of the "data throughput of up to 1 gbps" mime from HomeGrid. Every since ITU-R cut the balls off of G.hn by removing the band above 100Mhz, due to EMI issues, G.hn has been a HomePlug wannabe. microm's gest it right when they say g.hn is "the technology is late to market".

The last newby error microm makes is saying HomePlug "has seen some success overseas". HAN Fan this that Om Malik needs to let his staff out more from the good old USA or his native India and figure out that Europe is overseas where HomePlug owns the service provide market--this is not just some success overseas.

Really if old new media like microm cannot keep up...