Tuesday, December 22, 2009

G.hn wins Electronic Design’s “Deep Green Editor’s Choice” award

Embedded Computing Design awarded the G.hn technology with the “Deep Green Editor’s Choice” award for its ability to efficiently connect homes using existing wires.
Amazing award. Especially when you consider that 1) there are no G.hn products , 2) G.hn has no significant Smart Grid features  (G.hn was designed for moving IPTV around the home), and washing machines do not have coax connections. This is pure astroturfing. Too bad the G.hn guys don’t focus on what they really have: a multi-media PHY and soon  (June 2010) a MAC for high-speed HAN backbones.

Too many good links?

month ago Google decided that the HAN Fan blog was spam. It seems that the initial posts had too many links.

Today, Google has decided that the HAN Fan blog is not spam, so opened access ago. Ironically it was the day after we setup http://hanfan2.wordpress.com/ (which will not be used unless Google revisits their decision.

The HAN Fan blog is back....