Friday, August 20, 2010

HomePlug AV Chip Vendors--and now there are three

According to the HomePlug website, it seems that the sometimes stealthy SPiDCOM Technologies has quietly received HomePlug AV certification for their SPC300 SoC implementation of HomePlug AV.

If confirmed, SPiDCOM would be the third HomePlug AV chip vendor after Atheros and Gigle. HAN Fan is looking forward to the price war that will come from the competition of multi-sourced standards based products.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Its a wrap: Marvell Acquires DS2's Assets

Marvell has a press release out making official its acquisition of DS2's intellectual property and 75 employees.

HAN Fan is looking forward to Marvell sorting out the pieces of their HAN puzzle. Marvell has a good doing an HomePlug Smart Energy chip, another group doing an  HomePlug compatible IEEE 1901 chip, and now logically with the purchase of DS2, a chip. Confused yet?

Update: Thanks anonymous for the link.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

IEEE 1901 all done but the shouting

HAN Fan's special little birdie has told her that comments on the IEEE 1901 draft specification were so minor, the working group did not even need to meet the entire week as planned. Expect IEEE 1901 to be a fully completed standard by the end of September.

And given various press releases, HAN Fan is expecting IEEE 1901 chips before the end of 2010.