Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In-Stat Predicts is HPNA 4

And In-Stat confirms mathematics and their dorkness.

This wonderful study, highlighted by himself, Mr. AstroTurf  Alan Weinkrantz
Latest Updates – Alan WeinKrantz, is promoting HPNA 4 (go HPNA 4), from one of In-Stat brain farts.

The first stinker is " Poised For Growth" is spot on--starting from zero any shipments is time for champagne (a well known cause of brain farts by-the-way)!

The SBD (silent but deadly) fart is " will replace HPNA", no stink here.
HPNA 4 is ready to rock your world--or at least the world of ATT and Tommie S's. HPNA is getting long in the tooth so HPNA4 could be useful for ATT.

The "excuse me, are you in the same room as me?", is the  "overtake MoCA by end of year 2015". If In-Stat has the guts to shows up in Las Vegas, HAN Fan is ready to take their money.

HAN Fan, she thinks that Mr. AstroTurf should think before posting or not drink the koolaid and post (HAN Fan is the exception to the rule), and loose the eye glasses (HAN Fan has contacts).