Friday, January 22, 2010

New HAN Standards War: Gbps Wireless

Standards wars are so much fun to watch, and we have one in our little old HAN world:

"cable replacement Gbps wireless which wants to do whole house video"

Notwithstanding previously noted previously expressed views on cable replacement, wireless is useful for some HAN applications (actually WiFi is very useful on a notebook PC), so lets see who are the players:
  • WirelessHD
    Data rates: up to 25 Gbps (other places says 3 Gbps)
    Band: 57~67 GHz (depends on national regulation)
    Bandwidth: ~1GHz

  • WiGig
    Data rates: up to 7 Gbps
    Band: 60 GHz
    Bandwidth: ?

  • WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface)
    Data rates: up to 3Gbps
    Band: 5GHz unlicensed band
    Bandwidth: 40MHz
So who is going to win for the whole house video? Not WirelessHD or WiGig as they are using 60GHz which does not go through walls; in fact it is none to happy about going through air with water vapor in it.. So WHDI  is the winner by default, right? No so fast. WHDI  uses the 5Ghz and there is a 400 pound gorilla waiting for them (we know him as 802.11n).

As for cable replacement market, please see previously expressed views.

Get the popcorn and an easy-chair, and set back and watch these technologies go nowhere slowly as the Standards Wars are waged as an aside.

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