Thursday, January 14, 2010

EDN says: DS2 is dead, have no hope, and asks which PLC vendor will Broadcom buy

EDN Senior Technical Editor Brian Dipert posted his reporting on Powerline Networking at CES 2010.

Fantastic detailed insider information where he:

  • fauns over Atheros' HomePlug-AV turbo chip AR7400 which is IEEE 1901 compatible
  • reveals that Gigle's firmware was released early due to Belkin wanting to make the Christmas rush
  • claims that "DS2...appears to be on life support (or worse)" and even provides confirmation on senior VP who have left DS2
  • trashes the ITU's make work project,: "unless faces up to de facto standardization reality and incorporates HomePlug AV into its specifications instead."
  • speculates which HomePlug-AV silicon company Broadcom will buy
Update: As several people have pointed out, speculation on the death of DS2 has been around for many years, so don't expect it any time soon.

Update2: The comments section makes very interesting reading. The suggestion that the PLC industry grab the 54-88 MHz  band from handful of TV stations now operating now in the US sounds good, but it is pretty clear, the PLC industry is not big enough to afford it.

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