Sunday, January 10, 2010

DS2 Demos First Prototypes, Delivers Dramatic Performance at CES 2010

Great news if this demo is true. But the the press release seems strange.
  • Why is a fierce competitor like Ikanos posting for DS2? Need to ask Matt Keowen I  guess.
  • In the pass, DS2 had huge stands at CES and expensive signage all over CES that would make ebay blush at the cost. This year DS2 does not even have a small booth to do the demo
  • HomeGrid has a small private room hidden in the back of South Hall 2, so if there is a demo, it is hidden from public view--wonder why. I also wonder why DS2 could not even afford their own booth
  • DS2 has previously said they were have chips in 2009. Now they are saying 2010.
  • It was overheard after a presentation by a senior DS2 executive in Detroit a few weeks ago that they would only have a FPGA prototype implementation in March 2010.
While wishing it was true, something sounds fishy.

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  1. This is John Egan of DS2. This blog is a vast misrepresentation of facts.

    It is quite interesting the the blog holder hides their identity, as by the content this must be a shill on the propaganda side for HomePlug.

    And by the way, the statement I made in Detroit was actually a question... "Would FPGA prototypes be acceptable for a March lab test?" which was a follow on to a public statement made earlier in the meeting that DS2 and HomeGrid Forum would demonstrate prototypes at CES 2010, which took place to great reviews.