Monday, January 25, 2010

SiBeam takes 60 GHz a step forward

EE Times has an article declaring 60 GHz chips "No longer expensive, hot and noisy".

They have two out of three right, maybe.

SiBeam done a shrink of their chip's semi  technology from 90 to 65 nm. EE Times says that this has cut power consumption nearly in half. Excellent progress, and the fact the fans are no longer needed is poof of the progress. We still need to see actual consumption.

Now the price is another matter. The shrink for sure reduces the price, but "adapters costing less than $200" is not cheap. Even forgetting you need two of these chips to have a solution, can anybody really see DVD and TV manufactures adding one of these chips to their product--to replace a $20 cable?

While promising, this technology still needs 2-3 years of development and another shrink.

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