Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who will have the first Chip

Pretty simple. The one company not shouting they have a chip.

DS2 has promised chips in 2009 and now 2010, but now that they are in bankruptcy they have no chance of delivering any time soon (if at all).

Coppergate is struggling to make a HPAV chip which they bought the technology ready-made, so they have no chance to deliver soon a dual-mode (HPNA/ chip, let alone a triple-mode (HPAV/HPNA/ chip both are very complicated to get right.

No, the first across the line will be Lantiq (what a name--just what you need is a antique LAN). Lantiq has nothing deployed, so they don't need a dual-mode device/ ITU Study Group 15 management, where is being worked on, is dominated by Lantiq employees, some of who wanted to try to "reset" the PLC market. Lantiq also purchased the IPR of Aware. Final key for first delivery, is that (i.e. has a business already) Lantiq is a well funded spinnoff of Infineon.

So, Lantiq will be first across the line with a chip. Who knows when. Who know how they will sell it to their xDSL customers (which are almost all using HomePlug AV). But Lantiq  will be first.

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