Friday, March 12, 2010

Newest threat to HomePlug hegemony over HANs in Europe

No its not the missing-in-action HomeGrid technology from the United Nations. Not even MoCA with their new focus on Europe. The future is in plastics.

Orange, one of the biggest and most faithful users of HomePlug technology in France, has announced a fibre optic kit to connect the router to "computers, TV decoder and other devices".  Besides the high-speed, the main selling point is the 2.2mm thin flexible plastic cable which will "limit the visual impact".


  1. POF is old hat . It has been around for many years now with no major carrier take up and no retail evidence to speak of. It is not plug and play , still requires the need to hide the cable run ( try and do that with todays fashion for wooden floors , does not have the Womens Acceptance Factor. needs expertise to install (whatever the POF marketing people tell you ) and leaks light out of tight bends ( nice for Xmas effect ) Sounds good on paper -- but no CIGAR !

  2. Hey dim-light,

    POF has been around for a moon's age, you is right.

    What is totally NEW is ORANGE is pimping it.

    Total disagree that the low WAF factor is a big player. Lack of DIY skill in the hubby sure, but it ain't all that hard.

    PS love the CIGAR and WAF factor relation.

  3. Hegemony in Europe? Seems that a geography lesson is in order here... Portugal Telecom - UPA, Telefonica - UPA, BT - UPA (and probably the largest deployment of PLC in Europe), OTE - UPA. Hmmmm, Seems like the European continent has changed its members or that we have just another bogus HomePlague claim.

    (You reference vaporware and such a few times in your posts, so maybe we should coin the term for these bogus HP claims as "vaporclaims" (I reserve claim to ownership of this term and the ability to use it as many times as I run into the HP BS, so it ought to rapidly become an overused term))

  4. Mr. Egan is speaking out his ass when he claims that "BT - UPA (and probably the largest deployment of PLC in Europe)"

    BT has around 430,000 IPTV subscribers. Only Free, in France which is part of Europe too, has 3,323,868 unbundled subscribers. Also Free, since 2008, includes 2 HomePlugAV chips with every subscriber. BT, only sells PLC to fix a problem (maybe 30% of the subscribers).

    Mr. Egan needs a vacation as he sounds a bit stressed.

    BT numbers