Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Powerline Communication and RFI

The amateur radio community for many years been raising the issue of interference from high-speed powerline communication devices. Today the UK amateurs are very active.

There is a real potential for interference with amateur radios as they have expensive high-tech gear to pull a signal out of almost nothing. Years ago, HomePlug worked with Ed Hare of the ARRL to ensure the HomePlug devices were unlikely to interfere--this is working. In fact, all HomePlug devices ever shipped are configured to avoid interference with allalmost all amateur radio bands. The rest of the industry followed a few years later, including DS2 (rest-in-peace) and Panasonic.

So, HAN Fan finds it strange that the UK amateurs bitch-and-moan about powerline communications, when they, as a group, are protected from interference. The short-wave broadcasting community will likely get more protection if CISPR does its job (so far not going well) and lets dynamic notching in.

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