Monday, March 8, 2010

MoCA comes to Europe--no chance of succeeding

Rob Gelphman, Chair, Marketing Work Group, MoCA, is talking up a study they had done by IMS Research which shows MoCA has no chance of succeeding in Europe.

The study counted the number of coax outlets per home in four European countries. On average it is around 2 outlets per house. Two is the minimum you need to make a network. So 50% of the time coax is NOT a solution. When it is possible to use coax, it is sure that one or the other coax outlet will be in the wrong  place. The xDSL gateway will be the most likely box in the wrong place, but there is a fair chance your TV is in the wrong place.

MoCA will be targeting for countries (UK, France, The Netherlands, and Poland) where they think they have a chance.  Poland has 71%, UK&France 55% and The Netherlands 45% with with two outlets in the home.

This is too bad as coax is a better media than in general powerline, but if coax is not in the right place (or more likely does not exist) then you are out of luck. Also note that there are some HPAV products that already work both on powerline and coax.

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