Saturday, March 27, 2010

HomePlug Turns Ten

Repoted by, that the HomePlug Powerline Alliance is celebrating 10 years of existence and grow.
HomePlug is a standard for running network data over existing powerlines in any abode. Forty-five million devices have sold to date and they expect to hit 60 million by the end of 2010. It's also growing with service providers who want to use it to provide connectivity, including IPTV (television that runs on an Internet Protocol network). Of course, the Alliance continues to operate a certification program, which will soon include IEEE 1901 products, a new spec finalized in December.
The big news is still HomePlug Green PHY (GP), a new eco-friendly low-power version of the standard. It would use your electrical wiring to smartly control new thermostats, appliances, even plug-in electric hybrid vehicles someday. It should be entirely backward compatible with existing HomePlug AV spec.
Congratulations to HomePlug and where is HAN Fans IEEE 1901 standard adapters?

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