Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who is useful in the gang of ate

According to a HomeGrid's press release there are ""Eight Silicon Vendors Align in Support of, United Nations' ITU-T's Next-Generation Wired Network Standard". So WTF does this mean (forgetting the question WTF is a UN standard good for?).

Let's examine the dirty 3/4 of a dozen:

  • Kawasaki Microelectronics - we will sleep with any customer who gives us money
  • TangoTec - we don't make chips, but Intel's Matt Theal thinks we do
  • DS2 - we are bankrupt but...fuck we are bankrupt
  • Ikanos - our ex-CEO should be in jail, but we are thinking about of
  • Intel - we are Matt Theal and we don't plan to do any real work
  • Lantiq - we own the ITU process (hi Les and more) and we are the only company that might have a chip that will work
  • Sigma Designs - we do HPNA and HomePlug AV (someday) and MIMO and and...oh shit I forget...we do a lot of stuff some day
  • Texas Instruments - we thought they were severing free booze. Our DSP chips will never be or HomePlug AV


  1. Dear Hanfan,
    Are you going to update us on the serious legal problem, that P1901 now faces in its recirculation ballot? from what I heard this may cause the IEEE-SA to run a legal review of the draft. What will happen of P1901?

    hanfan fan....

  2. So easy for you homepluggers to debunk this announcement. Look at yourself in the mirror. Let us do a fact check of your HomePlug silicon mfrs.
    1) Gigle: Whose products were so bad, that they had to removed from the shelves. Biggest shame for silicon mfr. Gigle is the spin-off of DS2. Was not loyal to DS2, good luck believing that they will be loyal to HomePlug. BTW, they don't even call themselves HomePlug company.
    2) Spidcom: No products in the market
    3) Arkados: Their name to fame is HP1.0
    4) Sigma Designs: ITU-T supporter developing HomePlug chipsets
    5) Atheros/Intellon: Only company delivering HomePlug chipsets.

    HomePlug is a one company pony show

  3. Dear Anoonymouse,
    You forgot some vendors:

    STMicroelectronics - who cares about chips...they have Paola Bisaglia...