Sunday, June 27, 2010

IEEE 1901 illegal?

Alerted by one of HAN Fan's 100's of loyal readers (hi John) that the IEEE 1901 spec is having legal problems, HAN Fan reached out to get the facts. As she does not like random FUD, she used her womanly wiles, has obtained the facts:

IEEE-SA has noticed an administrative detail that needs fixing  in the draft for recirculation:
"The issue is that Draft 4.0 purpose is different from the PAR purpose whereas both purpose shall be identical for conducting the recirculation ballot." 
Clearly this is nothing profoundly illegal in the spec.

Next, IEEE made "coordination review recommended to avoid using the word "ensure" in the draft because using "ensure" has legal implications".

But, the IEEE-SA approved the current PAR in December 2009 (only half a year ago) with no comment on the word ‘ensure’.

Clearly this is not a "serious legal problem", but it is just IEEE doing its job and dotting the eyes and crossing the teas and following the rules and law. Unlike other standards organizations that just make up their rules to suit the old boys.

The Chair of the P1901 working group has already  proposed two solutions to the administrative detail and expects no delay in approval of the IEEE 1901 standard.

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