Tuesday, June 1, 2010

G.hn broken? Will be for Years?

It seems that United Nations standard for every home network in the world, also know as, ITU G.hn, will have an additional update to (Amendment to G.9960) to address the regulatory/emission shortcomings of G.hn.

HAN Fan has been told that there is a huge (by huge she means enormous) fight within the ITU. On one side, the ITU-T (e.g. big entrenched telcos) who have pushed G.hn without regard any possible interference to licensed radio users. On the other side is the ITU-R, the masters of the usage of radio broadcast. Boom.

HAN Fan recalls the saying, "haste makes waste".

Depending on the path to sort this out: whether it is AAP ( Alternate Approval Process) or TAP ( Traditional Approval Process), it could take few months to couple of years before the G.hn is finalised..


  1. Clearly you have an insider at the meetings. Bravo. Reading your other posts, you'd think you were a sellout to some HomePlug company. But I don't see how you could be getting paid for a blog with two fans.

    Closed standards are unsustainable. Eventually the demand for lower priced devices, and the interoperability problems associated with closed standards will be the deciding factors.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    HAN Fan agrees with you that open standards are good. Which why HomePlug has fully embraced the IEEE 1901 powerline standard ( which is largely based on HomePlug AV).

    On the other hand, HomePlug AV already has three different chip vendors interoperable HomePlug AV implementations.

    So the deciding factors are leaning towards HomePlug.