Monday, June 7, 2010

Panasonic comes clean on 'HD-PLC' Patents and Technologies

Panasonic setup HP-PLC as a faux industry alliance to promote their proprietary technology as "open". Unlike HomePlug AV with at least three companies with HPAV chips, Panasonic has always kept the crown jewels to themselves: until now.

Panasonic is starting to license HD-PLC patents and technologies. Seems you license everything, including software and chip IP.

It seems to HAN Fan that Panasonic had no choice now HD-PLC is the sister PHY to HPAV in the IEEE 1901 standard--which, unlike HP-PLC, truly open. This is good news for all home network lovers.

Two additional interesting titbits of information from the press release;

  • Panasonic says  HD-PLC has  more than 85% in the Japanese PLC market.
    This can be compared with HomePlug AV which has about the same percentage in the rest-of-the-world.
  • Panasonic estimates that at least 50 million sets of HD-PLC products will be sold in the world by 2015.
    HAN Fan thinks thinks it would be great to have PLC in all TVs by 2015.

1 comment:

  1. You claim that HP has "about the same [85% market share] in the rest of the world" when you seem to forget BT in Britain, Telefonica in Spain and elsewhere, SingTel in Singapore, etc. etc. that are not HomePlug and probably never will be.

    HomePlug AV has been a one company [Intellon/Atheros] technology with only 2010 seeing the arrival of small upstarts to work on stealing share from you.

    The vapor-claims you continue to send out, in an attempt to have your promoted deceptions become perceived reality, are sad. You see that is now finalized and is growing in support, both in number of silicon providers and Service Providers that plan to deploy it. I expect your reaction to be ratcheted up rhetoric and more vapor-claims, the shrillness of such to be dramatic.

    Oh, and DS2... the company you continuously say is dead and gone or dying... we're still here and still growing. In fact, our average monthly sales during these last 3 months are incredible compared to January & February and a huge increase versus last year. So, while you may wish DS2 were gone, we are not, and any vapor-claims you may have to the contrary are just further misinformation.