Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In-Stat pumping forecasts Wireless HD Video market

Pumping even more ABI Research's forecast of "two million 60 GHz chipset shipments in 2015", In-Stat is going all-in with their forecast of "wireless HD video-enabled device about 13 million by 2014". From the article:
Brian O’Rourke, Principal Analyst.  “Most semiconductor players pursuing this space plan to move out from HDTVs to other CE devices, like set-top boxes, blue laser players and recorders, and digital cameras.”
The only problem with this, besides replacing a $10 HDMI cable with a $600 pair of hot boxes might not be a good idea, is Wireless HD cannot "move out from HDTV", is, as the article points out, "HD video-enabled device shipments [are] almost nothing at present".

This insightful study is available for $3,495 U.S. Dollars from the Insite website. HAN Fan is sure that Insite will make money on the study as the proponents of this cable replacement technology will surely use it to pump their numbers with VCs.

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