Sunday, July 11, 2010

UPA makes a press release about bankrupted DS2

Very strange that the UPA, the DS2 fan club created by DS2, has issued a press release about DS2's 2010 business results.

HAN Fan thinks it could be because:

  • DS2's bankruptcy judge won't  let DS2 spend any money they don't have
  • DS2's bankruptcy judge won't  let DS2 make stuff up
HAN Fan sincerely hopes that the press release will not discourage the buy out of  DS2 next week.

UPA's press release claims that DS2 had record sells in Q1 2010, "86% growth on the previous year". If so, HAN Fan thinks that 2009 must have been a annus horribilis for DS2.

HAN Fan hope that all this noise does not delay the chip promised by DS2 for 2009.

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