Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HomePlug AV2 gets MIMO

HomePlug announced that their next gen powerline specification, so called HomePlug AV2, will have MIMO (Multiple-Inputs Multiple-Outputs) which "offers significant increases in link throughput and range without requiring additional spectrum or transmit power."

HAN Fan likes the idea of better coverage for powerline based home networks, so HomePlug MIMO is a win.

HAN Fan thinks it might be a big win for HomePlug member and HomePlug AV contributor, Sigma Designs. They announced MIMO for their HomePlug AV chip in June 2010. Surely HomePlug AV2's MIMO is based on Sigma's?


  1. An excellent article over at Fierce Cable on this. And an interesting first comment as well.

  2. The "interesting first comment" from Anonymous on the other site is just another anti-HomePlug biased comment from the other camp. So sad that a very small minority puts out this BS for a non-existent technology. Their techniques are tacky and make one wonder about their lack of truth and business ethics.