Sunday, May 9, 2010

CopperGate's (aka Sigma Design) HAN Strategy (or the Betamax of HANs)

The Online Reporter has an article summarizing CopperGate (sometimes known as Sigma Designs).

The get a few facts wrong (such as ""France Telecom (FT), the largest deployer of HomePlug" actually its Free by a huge margin), but overall it is a good review of the HAN markets.

CopperGate's strategy is still confusing. They are "forward to joining the battle for retail" for HomePlug (retail is a very hard market to enter) and after all this hard work, try to migrate this retail market to as "in the longer term the Powerline version of will be much better than HomePlug". Reminds HAN Fan of the VCR standards war Betamax lost to a so-call worse technology.

Another bit of news from the article is that CopperGate is no longer planning on making a dual-mode HomePlug/ chip. They are making a "hybrid HomePNA/ chipset [that] will provide a smooth migration path from HomePNA to". This more or less confirms that will be HPNA V4 and only be used on coax cable.

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