Monday, May 3, 2010

Atheros trash talk: "HomePlug Better Now Than Will Be"

Atheros told The Online Reporter that "it does not have network chips on its product roadmap and is instead focused on products that are based on HomePlug AV and IEEE1901 standards".

The rest of the article is a pretty good rant why HomePlug AV is better than One new bit of information: HomePlug AV already is working on coax and phonelines--just lisk may do in 2011.

From the article:

Why Atheros Stuck with HomePlug Over
-’s incompatibility with HomePlug’s large installed base.
- Better throughput over range performance than over electrical wires and coax.
- Proven in the market with several million adapters installed.
- HomePlug becomes a global standard with the approval of IEEE 1901.
- IEEE is the preeminent standards body for multi-vendor, open networking with highly successful standards such as Ethernet (802.3) and Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) 9802.11)

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