Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HomePlug Gets IEEE Standard

With what looks like overwhelming support of the IEEE members, HomePlug has become the first standard for powerline communication, IEEE 1901. Once a few comments are address, the standard will be frozen. Products are already on the market that support IEEE 1901.


  1. IEEE 1901 a standard? WTF! How can a specification with 2 PHY modes and 2 MAC modes, both incompatible each other, can be called a standard? It's the same as if 2 people agree on a "standard" of making roads and cars where the standar allows asphalted roads or with rails, and cars with tires or with train wheels. It's quite obvious that those people can make a car and a road that are standard-compliant but can't work together. So the same happens in IE^3 1901.

    IMHO, the guys that have developed the standard have done a big mistake. They were more worried about having a standard asap than providing the final users a good standard, in terms of technology.

    In short: be careful when buying a "IEEE 1901 standard compliant PLC modem" -it may not connect to other "IEEE 1901 standard compliant PLC modem".

  2. Choli, perhaps I'm wrong, but I believe that more than 95% of installed PLC devices are "Intellon Inside". Sincerely, I don't know how much important will be IEEE 1901, but IMHO, the key is "Homeplug".
    De-facto standard. OEM and ODM will be forced to be Homeplug compatible to maintain a market share.
    Marketing is better than Technicality.

  3. Are you talking about this technology???