Thursday, April 8, 2010

60GHz goes into hiding until 2015

According to this report by iTWire, the IEEE working group 802.11ad "has just started to hear proposals and so we expect it to be 2-3 years to a draft standard…Our expectation is that the years for 60GHz commercialisation will be 2012 to 2015 and beyond."

This aligns quite nicely with ABI Research study of nearly two million 60 GHz chipset shipments in 2015.

HAN Fan is thinking that there is no need to follow 60GHz for the next two years. This makes HAN Fan sad.

The good news, is somebody (NICTA) is thinking of a betterdifferent use for 60Ghz.

"What Sibeam [WirelessHD] has done is focus on HDMI cable replacement. ... Replacing a cable that you only have to install once with wireless does not make a lot of sense"

NICTA thinks 60GHz makes sense "when you want to send a video from your mobile to you TV"

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