Thursday, December 11, 2014

SmartThings and IOT and SmartHome and HomeAutomation and WTF!

Too many buzz words. Not enough buzz.

  • Is Nest smart enough to manage electric heating? Nest asks, WTF is electric heating!
  • Wireless deadbolts; are they alive enough to open a sticky door? Nope!
  • Are z-wave&ZigBee enough? Not if you are on a budget and have a normal house.
  • Can any of these buzz words really save me $$$$$$$? Not yet!
  • Can any of these buzz words make my life better? No often!
  • BEEP!  BEEP!  BEEP! Somebody is not or is doing something or nothing!!!  

We need smarter and more reliable home automation to handle real-life.

SmartThings is a good start at the integration. But takes way too much thinking for us moms and pops. Like all of the competitors, requires way too much interaction and thinking on the consumer.

Killer apps? Heating/cooling mayby; if Nest ever figures out one temperature reading for an entire house is not enough or that not everybody had central heating.

Save money on lighting--not if you are using LED lights!

Security? Surely not. Get an SMS that your house has be broken into, call the police, only to find out your daughter has come home from college. Integration with Google Now would help, but the police will be bummed when she comes home unexpectedly early from college.

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