Wednesday, April 2, 2014 fails. Marvell repurposes their for Access Networking solutions--winning

The Online Reporter's article on Marvell repurposing their chip for Access networks solutions is a wonderful infocommerical. The lovely Chano Gomez smartly explains all. He says is too fucking late to compete with DOCSIS version 99.99, but on twisted-pair wires is ready to today! And kills VSDL2+. on price and performance. Marvell calls this Access technology great play on the eternally late's "sweet spot is closer to 100 meters to 200 meters.”, says Chano--which about 50 meters less the the unicorn technology, goes on to say, "about 50% of the cost of taking fiber right to the home, is the last 50 meters, as you come into the property, dig up and fix the garden, and require scheduled visits and user permissions.". Nice argument, except gets the same 50% cost savings.

Chano also positions over coax to compete with EOC, DOCSIS and MOCA for Access networks in MDUs--hello China, and goodbye on powerline.

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