Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poor Engineering Beats Poor Marketing Everytime

This DS2 video from two years about says it all about Intellon and DS2.

  • DS2, great market communications, and stupid marketing.
  •  Intellon, lazy engineering, but good marketing

The video is 100% correct in that Intellon's HomePlug AV chips do  not interoperate with their old HomePlug +Turbo 85Mbps chips. People hated that, but the market for HomePlug AV is so much larger Intellon got away with it.

DS2 had a 45Mbps chip which was only used (tested) for Access applications and never Inhome. After it went nowhere fast, DS2 introduced there 200Mbps chip. It did OK, got NetGear DS2 was 6 months aheard of Intellons 200Mbps HomePlug AV chip.

So, where does DS2's 100Mbps chip come in. The marketing giants of DS2 saw an opportunity in the incompatiable within Intellon's older 85Mbps and there newer 200Mbps chips. So DS2 marketing decides introduced a slower 100Mbps chip which can interoperate with the 200Mbps chips.

To say the least, DS2 did not ship many (any?) of the the 100Mbps chip. But it makes great market comm videos.

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