Tuesday, November 17, 2009

IT Reviews: Belkin - Gigabit Powerline HD starter kit review

"Although equipped with Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, these 'go-faster' Powerline AV adapters are unable to match the speed of a cabled Gigabit Ethernet network. More than that, if located on different ring mains they have trouble keeping up with standard Powerline AV products. In the right situation they're quicker, but further development is needed for them to be a good buy."

Belkin is the first HomePlug AV manufacturer to use Gigle's chip and not one of Intellon's chips. The good news we have a second source for HomePlug AV chips. As Intellon has set the bar pretty high for performance it will take some time for Gigle's chip to mature. Expect a version two of the firmware for Gigle's chip before the end of the year.

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